0016 – The Breeders – All Nerve – Orange Vinyl Record

Artist: The BreedersThe Breeders All Nerve in Snow
Album: All Nerve
Label: 4AD
Release Date: March 2nd, 2018
Format: Vinyl Record

The Breeders have been part of the soundtrack of my life ever since I was a teenager in the 90’s. I have always been a fan, so I will acknowledge that there is some bias before delving into the meat of this album. Currently the emotions in the world at large are rather raw and full of nerves and tingles, for me this album electrified all of the nodes in my brain. Melody and sheer heaviness of the arrangements really bring it all together for me.The Breeders All Nerve Snowy Tree

I was fortunate enough to pick up the limited edition translucent orange release. Put out by 4AD this is The Breeders first full length album in 10 years. Looking at the Wiki apparently this is the original lineup from the “Last Splash” album. They haven’t been together in 25 years!

The guitars are so heavy on this album, but not in a metal way. Rather, with weight of emotion and nerve, for me this is the real deal. I love the guitar work, flat out it’s just beautiful. The drums are powerful and well placed. This album really feels like a fragment from the 90’s Breeders. I love the feeling I get – they just came back in the room, plugged the amps in, picked up the sticks, and here we are.Nibiinabekwe The Breeders Snow Tree

“Nervous Mary” is the leading track and it opens with sparse thick guitars and a soft melody, followed by drums and bass bringing the listener in. Here are The Breeders you have been missing. Now listen up! The second track is the first single from this album – and I believe the first song recorded with the reunited lineup. “Wait In The Car” again feels like a lost track or just a reimagining of The Breeders. Heavy, clangy, angry, and overall fun as hell while keeping a tinge of darkness.

The third track, also the title track, “All Nerve” is the star of the album for me. The vocal harmonies that lead the track in give me the fuzzy feelings up and down my spine. Followed by guitar chords that drop in  just so heavy – I’m left with no words. I feel the weight. I feel the nerve.

Music that triggers the primal feelings in my brain is what got me hooked on this audio dependency. I first used music as an escape, a way to not feel, and now I find it rare to hear a song that sends the tingles down my spine like this. But here it is. Godamnit – we needed The Breeders in 2018.The Breeders Vinyl Album Tree

“Dawn: Making an Effort” is the third to last on the album, and again brings the melodic vocal delivery and super thick jangly guitar work. The mix brings the drums back and the vocal guitar work forward. There is a swing and a sadness to this song that again encapsulated the heavy beautifulness that is The Breeders. It’s sad, its pretty, its uplifting, it has weight. What a song.

Breeders Creek Snow Bank Vinyl Nibiinabekwe

I keep writing about this, but one of the reasons I wanted to start this blog was to reemerge myself in the music. I can’t say for sure I would have delved this hard into this album if it wasn’t for this project. However, listening to this album over and over the last few months, it just keeps getting put on. Honestly, I love it, I love The Breeders and most likely always will. No shame.



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Photos Nibiinabekwe Sheridan Creek Albert Township MI
Photos by Nibiinabekwe • Sheridan Creek, Albert Township, Michigan

0011 – All Souls – Self Titled

Artist: All SoulsClear Record Black Splatter Sunlight
Album: ST
Label: Ruined Vibes
Release Date: February 2018
Format: Vinyl

I have been a fan of Totimoshi for years. When I heard that Tony and Meg had a new band, “All Souls,” I jumped at the chance to get the limited edition release. The new self titled album comes in multiple versions. The one I picked up was released on a sick looking limited edition vinyl featuring a clear with black splattered record. It was released by a boutique label specializing in small runs called “Ruined Vibes.” Cover art for this edition is designed by Kat Von D, the cover itself is hand screened on folded heavy weight paper. The print is super sharp. At first glance I wasn’t even sure it was a print, I had to really look close at the cover in order to see the print job. As an added bonus, on this release Ruined Vibes threw a poster in the sleeve featuring the alternative artwork from the standard release of the album.All Souls Record Back Cover in Snow

For me this band is all about the interplay of Toni’s vocals with the guitar work. Top notch rock at its finest, full of flourishes and textures that really make each song stand on its own. Each song blends together, all the elements mixed seamlessly, each song delivers that sweet mix of the bass, drums, and vocals. Toshi Kasai handled the recording and mixing duties. Also known for his work with the Melvins, among others, this represents another great example of his skills, capturing chaos and putting it onto a recording.

The opening track, “Party Night,” features a powerful riff and drum combo, super heavy and fun, the intro guitar work is instantly memorable. I found this song to have a feel reminiscent of early QOTSA but with a much more technical edge. The following track, “Never Know,” has a mellower sound, bringing to the forefront, again, the great guitar work. This time around the chorus features this hook that I find sticking in my head at the oddest times. Even typing this out brings it ringing right back to my mind.
Kat Von D All Souls Art Cover in Tree Snow

Something I found interesting while writing this review, the track “Sadist/Servant” features Danny Carey, from Tool, on drums. I haven’t been a fan of newer Tool releases, but as a child of the 90’s, “Opiate” still holds a special spot in my heart. I didn’t know there was a guest drummer until writing this, so I found this to be a cool aside on reevaluation. The track holds true to the “All Souls” formula, great guitars, heavy drums and a good chorus. Danny’s drum work fits right in and isn’t a change in the sound. I thought it was cool that I didn’t immediately notice, but as I re-listen I keep finding little intricacies that are reminiscent of Tool.


One of my personal favorite tracks off this album is “The Ghost Is Flying Home,” super heavy with deep thumping bass, and again, the great guitar accents and leads. The drums find this perfect robotic beat throughout that carries the song well. Again, another example of everything I love in rock and roll, pounding drums, great hooks, and fat riffs. All Souls brings a sound that is classic and almost timeless, overall heavy, featuring lush tones and melodies. Every time I put this record on I find a new nuance to enjoy. It’s hard to put a genre on All Souls, I would just say it’s real music, timeless rock – in the best way possible.

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Photo by Nibiinabekwe
Photos by Nibiinabekwe. Camp 8 Road, Montmorency County Michigan.