0018 Nyktomorph ST 8Track

Nyktomorph 8-Track In Forest

Artist: NyktomorphNyktomorph 8-Track In Forest
Album: Self Titled
Label: H8-Track Stereo
Release Date: January 23, 2018
Format: 8-Track Tape

This is such a treat, released on 8-Track cassette from H8-Track Stereo this Tape is Nyktomorph’s demo release. A new release on 8-track in 2018? Sweet. I have an 8-track player but I had retired it to the garage some time ago. I didn’t really have any tapes to play on it anymore, so I packed it away. However, I was more than happy to dig it out from the hoard to pop this on!

Nyktomorph 8-Track Back SideNykotomorph play a tight groove heavy style of black metal. The 8 track features a total of 3 songs clocking in just under 20 minutes. Textures are heavy, guitars are thick, and the drums have great movement. All the classic black metal elements are there – fast guitar shreds, blasting drums and shrieking vocals. Hilariously enough, for me, the original listens I did for this review were on the 8-track, and the delivery was thin and even more consistent of what you would expect from a “Black Metal” band. But, as is my standard with these, I often listen to the album over and over on my computer at my desk as I write reviews. The audio on the BandCamp is well recorded, all instruments have a fit in the mix and this created a fuller sound then what I could hear on the 8-track. Nyktomorph 8-Track Cover

I really enjoyed all 3 songs on this tape, and if this is the demo of what is to come from Nyktomorph, than I am all ears and waiting. Great marketing guys! I had never heard the band and I don’t know that I would have without the 8-track release. That caught my eye and got me to jump on and buy – sound unheard.


Nyktomorph Bandcamp

Nyktomorph Facebook

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Photos by Nibiinabekwe • Camp 8 Road, Atlanta, Michigan
Photos by Nibiinabekwe • Camp 8 Road, Atlanta, Michigan