0001 – Sekkusu – Fukk On Loud Night

Photo by Nibiinabekwe, Lake Huron Near Cheboygan, MI.

Artist: Sekkusu
Album: Fukk On Loud Night
Label: Dystopian Dogs
Release Date: Sept 21 2016
Format: Cassette Tape

Sekkusu hail from Detroit, Michigan. This particular release was put out by the label Dystopian Dogs, who are also a product of Michigan. Fukk On Loud Night came as a one sided, 10 minute cassette tape, which is now out of stock. You can still find this album on Bandcamp to stream or download.

The cover art immediately gives a glimpse of what is to come. The illustration shows a hellish, Detroit themed, mad max nuclear landscape, with nice touches, like a road sign pointing to Ferndale! Sound quality was great, drums and guitars were right in the face – how they should be. As is often my opinion, I found the vocals were too hot in the mix for my liking. To me this takes away from the destruction simmering just below.

Fukk On Loud Night is a throwback to the roots of metal. It was fast pummeling and dirty. Guttural vocals, blasting drums, matched with short insanity solos reminiscent of the early days of thrash or death metal.

I found the highlight of the cassette to be the closing Track, “Thermonuclear Devastation,” an Onslaught cover. For me this track was pure metal perfection. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this release, now I need to catch a live show, and am hoping for a full length!

Bandcamp link to the album

Photos by Nibiinabekwe, Lake Huron near Cheboygan, MI.

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