0002 – Minus9 – Valley Of The Sick & The Stupid

 Photo by Nibiinabekwe 45.053233, -84.078636.

Artist: Minus9
Album: Valley Of The Sick & The Stupid
Label: Flying Blood Records
Release Date: May 31, 2015
Format: CD Digi-Pack


Valley Of The Sick & The Stupid, by Minus9 came in a limited edition DigiPak from Flying Blood Records.  The Digi-Pack is white with black lettering, featuring a juice box, cell phone wielding illustration of a overweight man’s belly line on a field that is reminiscent of an American flag. ‘Murica.
 Photo by Nibiinabekwe 45.053233, -84.078636.
Minus9 hail from Ypsilanti, MI. They have a sound that is a mix of hardcore punk, thrash and grindcore. All of this comes in the 2 man package made up of Andrew Claydon on Vocals/Bass and Steve Marton on drums.  The uniquely energetic sound they create is distinct, raw, and aggressive. I have had the fortune of catching these guys live multiple times, and they are consistently excellent. Every show I have caught from them has been super tight, well rehearsed and full of energy from start to finish. This CD was a glimpse into that world!  The first song is 4 seconds long, with a title that literally fills over half of the back of the CD case. Absurd, and hilarious! Photo by Nibiinabekwe 45.053233, -84.078636.

The bass tones on the CD represent the duality of Andy’s tone well. Bass and distortion mix, creating the semblance of guitar – mixed at just that right spot over the drums. The drums carry the energy powerfully, leading the way, with strong blast beats and cymbal explosions. Lyrically Valley of The Sick & The Stupid takes a stroll down the middle of the American landscape. Juice boxes, Robin Williams, and how to build a pipe-bomb all make an appearance giving you a journey into the dark humor these 2 share.

CD/Stream/Download available at the Bandcamp Link Here.

Minus9 Facebook Page

Flying Blood Records

 Photo by Nibiinabekwe 45.053233, -84.078636.
Photos by Nibiinabekwe. Voyer Lake Rd, Montmorency County Michigan.

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