0003 – Cloakroom – Further Out

Artist: Cloakroom
Album: Further Out
Label: Run For Cover Records
Release Date: January 20, 2015
Format: Double Clear Vinyl LP

I purchased this LP at a show in Grand Rapids  when Cloakroom opened for Hum! That was an amazing show, Nibiinabekwe was beyond excited to see Hum, and I was just as excited for Cloakroom. Luckily for me I had the monies to buy the LP from them at the show.

Released by Run for Cover Records, the version I got came as a double clear vinyl with a cutaway cover that uses the record sleeves for the cover art. Hilariously, when we took the album out for photos, apparently I had been looking at the wrong cover since I purchased it. This was only realized when I went to the Bandcamp page and saw what the cover was supposed to be!

Cloakroom have a sound that is very subdued, I find myself putting them on when I need to work or garden. The recording, mix, and presentation of this album was well thought out before execution.  The ebb and flow of the songs, with the little flourishes of hooks and vocal embellishments are refreshing. The tones they achieve are heavy, without being aggressive, or in your face. Not heavy like heavy metal, more like a weight bearing down endlessly, pushing downward.

Stream the album at Cloakrooms Bandcamp

Cloakroom merch/music available at Run For Cover Records.

Cloakroom on Facebook

Photos by Nibiinabekwe. Reider School Rd, Alpena County, Michigan.

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