0004 – Boris – Live At Third Man Records

Artist: Boris
Album: Live At Third Man Records
Label: Third Man Records
Release Date: Nov 29th 2017
Format: Vinyl LP

This album Boris – Live At Third Man Records, along with the next I will review, are special to me. I got a chance to see this tour that they were recorded on. Boris is by far one of my most loved bands and with the addition of seeing them with Earth, I considered this a once in a lifetime opportunity. I was not disappointed, at the end of the show they even came out for a big band encore version of an Earth classic. Nibiinabekwe and I just sat at a table and let the music envelope us. For sure one of my top concerts of all time, over a year later I received this and the Earth record. I was beyond floored. I didn’t even know these had been recorded and pressed!

Recorded live to 8-track, 2” tape at Third Man Records in Nashville during the 2016 tour. This recording captures the live set of songs they were performing which all are from the classic album Pink. I have always found it impossible to track all the Boris releases and I did not get to purchase the new version of Pink they were selling at the show. They have created a wormhole of albums which are  limited releases and spread through various record labels.  Who can keep track???

Boris are masters of the soundscapes they create, psychedelic heavy rock mixed with just the right flourishes of noise and feedback. They are Japanese and all the vocals for the most part are in their tongue. For me, the fact that I can’t understand anything they say just makes it all that more enjoyable. Just take the melody and riffage and let it all soak in. This record is a perfect example of that, drop the needle and your right there in the mix enveloped by the feedback and pounding drums.

Third Man Records has a great production machine; they crank killer albums out with amazing art. The photography and layout on this album are perfectly executed. It’s funny, but I can always find the Third Man Records in my collection the blue/black branding makes them stick right out.

Third Man Records

Boris Website

Boris Facebook

Boris Bandcamp

Photos by Nibiinabekwe. Lake May, Presque Isle County, Michigan.

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